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Newsies Masterpost



Hello everyone,

Newsies is closing today, which we are all very sad about. But let’s also remember the good times. This is a Newsies masterpost of video, interviews and other stuff I found. Hope you enjoy it!

Movie and extras

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Andrew Rannells - a summary 

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Inspirational People: Jeremy Jordan

"I wasn’t a leader I was a loner, and I was sort of absent and I was definitely not outgoing and I was so much more of a realist than a dreamer. I’d become completely different than what Jack Kelly was. Then, miraculously I cast in the role… and I realized that as I started to play Jack Kelly the seeds I’d planted as a nine-year old kid suddenly began to grow and blossom, as I played him more and more I began to change… more and more. And now here I am, singing in front of you guys with the courage to sing my own songs, which ive never done before, and the confidence to come up here and just be myself and sort of, bear all to you guys, so, uh, I sort of attribute that all to Jack Kelly and on top of that I’ve become a leader! In the community, to my friends, to my family, i’ve become someone that people could look up to and I’d never, sort of, envisioned that for myself and I really thank the opportunity of Newsies for that experience. Its really cool to think that this all began with a nine year old kid dream that he could get out of Corpus Christi and be somebody great… so, uh, just keep that in mind if you’re feeling lost or stuck.”

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i don’t often reblog these powerpoint memes but this is my favorite musical and the story of its creation breaks my heart and i just love it a lot okay

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As if I needed reason to love them more.

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I’m dying of adorable overload

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The Last 5 Years TIFF Premiere After Party on September 7th [x2 HQ]
The Variety Studio at Holt Renfrew during TIFF 2014 on September 8th [x18 HQ]
2014 Toronto International Film Festival Portraits [x11 HQ]
The Last 5 Years Movie Still [x1 HQ]
Finding Neverland Production Stills [x14 HQ]

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